Julia HeCommittee Chair: Julia He


Message from Julia:

For starters, I want to become a scientist when I grow up, along with the hopes of becoming a lawyer. I love science because of what it means to me. My father was a scientist and had always taught me many things by doing experiments with me. Though they might not have been very complicated ones, it always astounded me that I could turn household items into something so fun and amazing. It was also because of my father that I learned about cells, chemical reactions and etc. earlier on than my classmates. After that I practically sucked up and information related to science I could get a hold to in my public library and I started to do experiments by myself, this always interested me, even when an experiment failed because I would put my variable through many trials to see what I did wrong. Once I figure out what my mistake was I feel more pride and joy when I succeed this time than before.

My other reason for being so interested in this position is what I could do to help others. If I become a successful scientist I could invent so much to help those that need it. We are always getting word of new inventions that have changed the world in many hard-to-reach-places. All these inventions are making a difference to people all over the world but there are not enough scientist dedicated to inventing material that can help these people live better. The more people there are to help with these inventions, higher chance of a better life for the people who don’t have it. Although I might not be able to do that much in the position I hope to get, I can still make a difference. I hope to be able to organize many projects and make many discoveries as the leader of a scientific group and I hope you can understand why I want to be the leader of this group.



As of now, the science committee has been working on creating a series of science experiment videos. They can be found here!

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