Chair: Emily Wang

Book ReadingReading: A piece of art made by Emily.

Message from Emily:

Emily WangEver since the moment I learned to read, I have been exploring the fascinating world of literature. English Language Arts has always been one of my favorite subjects in school and I absolutely adore the symbolism and deeper meanings I can always find ingrained in a work of literature. The culture and depth of a story is unparalleled, and I love to put the ideas I get from my ventures into the world of reading into writing. I believe that I am well suited to the position of Chair of the Literature Committee due to an understanding and love of reading and writing, a passion for helping others less fortunate than I am, and my experience with a leadership position. I have many ideas about what I can do to improve AYLUS and benefit others. For example, I am planning to organize bake sales and garage sales to raise funds for Libraries without Borders, an organization that sends books to several different continents, including the Americas, Europe, and Africa. My purpose for this plan is to help further the creative mindsets and the education of those who cannot afford it, as well as to enable others to enjoy literature as we do.  It would be fantastic to provide a way for others to further their interest. If this is successful, then I plan on doing more fundraisers for the organization.

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