Information Technology



Committee Chair: Eric Wu


Advisers: Kevin Wu, Xiuhong Guo

Committee Deputies: Gan Liu, Lauren Yang, Sophie Wen


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Message from committee chair:

Eric Wu

This opportunity is ideal for me, as I believe that my strong interest and experience, as well as my passion for this position, will make me an excellent candidate.

Both of my parents have a highly successful career in the IT industry. In a way, I grew up in an environment where software and web development has always been a subject. Naturally, I had an early start on learning IT knowledge. This has given me many key strengths that will contribute towards the success as the Committee Chair, such as exceptional math skills, website development experience, and desktop application development experience with C++ or Java.

I understand that there is a lot more for me to learn down the road. With my family’s professional support, I plan to dive into core computer science knowledge. Passion and persistence have always helped me overcome difficulties. I have the confidence that I will excel technically. However, I believe one’s success doesn’t solely come from their individual effort. Team work and leadership plays perhaps a much larger role in the broader sense of success.

I’d like to contribute to the society, steer the directions of the activities, and make a positive impact for others. As always, passion, persistence and hands-on skills are my distinct qualifications for such a position.

Eric Wu





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