The Alliance of Youth Leaders in the United States (AYLUS) is a child organization of AYLF, run by student volunteers.


AYLUS Mission Statement


AYLUS promotes the development of its members’ creativity, leadership, and initiative, through the planning and execution of volunteer projects that aim at benefiting their communities.


AYLUS Leadership Structure

AYLUS will be structured around one National and several Local Branch leadership groups:

National leadership:

  •  The National leadership positions include: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, as well as committee heads and their deputies for individual activities committees. National

committees will include, but are not limited to, the following subject areas:

Nation-wide projects will be coordinated through corresponding committees. AYLUS

encourages students with the dedication and interests to found new departments as the need arises

  • Leaders will serve one year terms; new leadership positions will open in May so that AYLUS can prepare for summer activities.

Local Branch leadership:

  • Local leadership positions include: President, Vice President, and Secretary
  •  AYLUS encourages students to develop local branches so that they may engage in activities

within their local communities. Each local branch decides upon its own project and shall receive support from AYLUS and its other branches.  Check Local Branch in your area…

For members interested in applying for any of these national leadership position, please fill out the application form: AYLUS Leadership Position Application Form.



National Leadership

Position Name Email
President Christie Yu
Vice President Eric Wu
Vice President Stephen Yang
Vice President Kevin Chen
Secretary Jonathan Liu
Treasurer Lauren Yang


Committee Chairs

Art  Stephanie Than
Music  Lauren Yang
Literature  Emily Wang
Science  Julia He
Engineering  George Cao
Robotics  Gan Liu
Public Relations  Allen Xu
Information Technology  Eric Wu
Mathematics  Eric Wu


Board of Advisors

John X. Wang
Linda Hu
Kevin Wu
Bo Wang
Tom Yang
Zhiyin Yu
Yang Yang
Xianhui Li
Bob Zhang
Jenny Jin
Audrey Lamb
David Peng
Shujie Wang
Jennifer Liu
Lydia Wang
Renee Liang
Cheryl Wang
Hilda Hong
Emily Ji
Min  Wang


Founders of AYLUS

William John Christie Yu Aric Zhuang Stephanie Than
Jackie Du Allen Xu Hill Yin Meiyu Zeng
Clio Sun Daiyo Zhang Dragon Peng Iris Liu
Luvena Huo Elizabeth John Alex Lin Yani Le
Leo Tong Gan Liu Ryan H.Liu Amy L. You
Michelle Cheng Eric Wu Jonathan Liu George Cao
Ryoya Yan Yansong Tan    


Junior Founders of AYLUS

Julia He Derrek Fan Kevin J. Liu Max Su
Jessica Fan David Lin Tiger Peng Meena He
Jenny Xun Ethan Zhou Jason Wu  Neal Peng


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